Can SEO Be Automated?

A big question for most companies is whether or not SEO can be automated, and the short answer is that yes, it is possible. However, when it comes to making that decision, a lot more goes into it than just whether it can be done. It’s whether it should be done.

SEO strategies that are fully automated just cannot achieve the same impact and results as a strategy that’s optimized by a professional. Automation works so well for so many different areas of business, but when it comes to the development of a marketing plan, automated tools shouldn’t replace people. Automation cannot target the right audience personally, nor can it help you to make decisions based on the data you’ve gathered. Sure, it’s great for collecting information, but it just doesn’t measure up. There are systems out there that help us with reporting and keyword research, but these tools wouldn’t be used to build a marketing campaign.

One of the most important parts of search engine optimization is site optimization. Automated systems would be run here to find errors where needed, and yet you’d still need a person to implement changes and make recommendations. If you’re promised a program that will link-build for you automatically, it’s most likely a scam, and you need to avoid it.

We’re currently working on self-driving cars because we human beings are intelligent enough to create them. However, while a robot can drive a car, it cannot react in the same way that we can, and it can only recognize other machines; not people. Using automated SEO will eventually backfire in the form of Google bots finding automated SEO and penalizing the website implementing it.