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#1 What does SEO stand for?

#2 What does PPC stand for?

#3 What does SERPs stand for?

#4 Which of these is NOT a search engine?

#5 What is another word for a search engine robot?

#6 Which strategy will lead to greater organic influence?

#7 What does a 301 server response code refer to?

#8 What is an example of black hat SEO?

#9 True or false: .com is better than .org for rankings

#10 What is the correct syntax for a Title tag?

#11 What tag would be ideal as the main heading of a page?

#12 Which tag can help search engines understand images?

#13 What kind of website would benefit from SSL encryption?

#14 What format would a typical sitemap be?

#15 What are some ways you could speed up your website?

#16 To prevent a page from being crawled/indexed, you can:

#17 Which element has the least impact on organic rankings?

#18 Which example is an ideal URL structure for relevance?

#19 Which example is an ideal URL structure for security and authority?

#20 A link with a ‘nofollow’ attribute instructs robots to:

#21 What is an ideal method of building inbound links?

#22 What’s one way to avoid duplicate content page issues?

#23 What does HTML stand for?

#24 Which of the following will influence rankings most?

#25 Which content format is not ideal for SEO purposes?

#26 Which of the following statements is NOT true?

#27 Why are long tail keywords preferred over head terms?

#28 An orphan page is one that:

#29 True or false: PPC ads influence your organic rankings

#30 If a page is no longer relevant, you should:


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