How Long Does SEO Take To Update?

When you update your SEO strategies it isn’t a one size fits all task. Some alterations can be almost instant and others will take a while to kick into action. Consistency is key when it comes to any kind of SEO. As long as you are sticking with your marketing plan, you should start to notice changes and see results. Commitment will get you the search engine traffic results you’re looking for, but it can take months sometimes.

It take take between four days to four weeks for your new and improved website to be indexed by search engines like Google. This is quite a broad range in terms of timescales but every single business site is completely unique. If you are impatiently waiting for your page to appear at the top of search engines after a few days, you might be slightly disappointed. Wait it out a little longer and you will notice better results over time.

There are ways that you can make Google index your website faster, but only if you are creating a website that’s well and truly indexable. By including valuable content, using a high ratio of text to code in favour of text, including a navigation bar that links to all major elements of your site and implementing simplicity with minimized Javascript, you will be allowing your website to speed through Google’s indexing processes.

Each business website has unique qualities which will cause SEO to update across varying timeframes. Be patient and consistent and you will see your desired results in time.