How Long Does SEO Take?

There are several variables that will needed to be accounted for when start implementing SEO. Website design, geographic location, competitors and your target market will all play a part in how quickly your SEO kicks in.

When you take a step back and look at the bigger picture, it’s going to take around three to six months for your website to start seeing noticeable results. Over time these results will grow and if you manage to stick at it for the long haul you should be seeing excellent changes by twelve months.

This timescale is so broad simply because there are many influencing factors. Your webpage is being compared to local, national and global SEO, so it all depends how how they impact your individual site’s SEO. For example, if you’re running a small local business on a platform such as WordPress or Wix, it’s going to operate on a completely different SEO level than a global eCommerce website. If you’re operating a completely fresh business site with a brand new domain name it is certainly going to take longer to become established.

In addition to all of these variables, SEO can take longer depending on your competitors. If their search engine optimization efforts are in sync with yours it might be more difficult to reach the top spot. By analyzing your website variables against your competitors’ you might be able to improve and enhance your SEO techniques.

All in all every website is different; SEO can be very quick for well established, long standing businesses, but it can take months and years for a brand new domain name to get noticed.