How Much Can SEO Increase Traffic?

SEO can increase traffic to your website in a number of different ways. Setting a realistic goal for web traffic increase is certainly a good place to start, but you need to consider all of the factors associated with your business. You might want to start by increasing your traffic by 10% over a few months and then you can up your goal to 20%. Focusing the traffic numbers might not always be the healthiest approach though. You are most probably implementing SEO strategies because you want to grow your business, so this should be the focus, rather than the traffic itself.

You will start to notice that different SEO methods improve your website traffic more than others, but each business will be entirely different. You want to be attracting quality traffic rather than quantity, which is why keywords and search phrases are one of the more important elements of SEO. When you attract the correct traffic you will instantly have a better chance of acquiring genuine customers from these leads.

If you’re about ready to give up because you’re not seeing that spike in traffic you desire, then you need to think about your content. This is actually the primary reason that so many businesses give up early because their content hasn’t been attractive enough to boost traffic numbers.

Overall, focusing on the quality of your traffic over the quantity will give you a much clearer view of how your SEO strategies are working. Similarly, the overarching goal is to improve your business, grow your sales and reach your target demographic, so this should be part of your analysis too.