Build Links Quickly With These 26 Infographic Galleries

Great infographics are link magnets.

Well-timed and neatly designed information graphics do extremely well over their mediocre counterparts. But all too often, we see companies spending a great deal of resources on design at the expense of promotion. By the time the data visualization piece has gone through tedious rounds of revisions, passed legal and is ready for publishing, teams are ready to move on and create something else.

Almost no time is spent on active link building, gallery submission and getting the graphic out there. Understandably so, since it is just as time consuming as creating it in the first place.

Nevertheless, infographic promotion doesn’t have to be difficult. There are a ton of websites which love to showcase infographics. They are typically called galleries, although they act more like paid directories. In any case, we have identified the top galleries you can submit your infographics to, gaining some traffic and well-deserved backlinks in the process.

Here they are, in alphabetical order:

Add Infographic $10 (per year)
Amazing Infographics $50
Best Infographics $9.49
Cool Daily Infographics $30
Daily Infographic $350
Infographic Bee $9.95
Infographic Directory Not currently available
Infographic Database $20
Infographic Love $75
Infographic Review Free
Infographic Reviews Free
Infographics Archive $20
Infographics Inspiration $25
Infographic Site Free
Infographics King Free
Infographics Mania Free
Infographics Only $89
Infographics Posters $30
Infographics Showcase Not currently available
Infographic Submission Not currently available
Infographics Zone Free
Infographix Directory $20
Magic Infographic $25
NerdGraph Free
Sumographic $10
Winfographics $9.99

Did we miss any? Let us know!

Sebastian Hovv is a SEO consultant, blogger, speaker and author of the book, The Little White Book of SEO. With over 14 years of experience in SEO, he has become an expert in the field and a contributor to the world of digital marketing.