Is SEO A Good Career?

SEO is a great career path to follow if your are willing to put in plenty of research and open up your mind to training. Business owners will pay a lot of money to somebody who knows what they are talking about when it comes to SEO. If you have an interest in working with marketing channels, you will do very well in the SEO industry as it is very much integrated into the overall advertising process.

Being an active social media user will also be a huge advantage if you’re looking to tap into the SEO world professionally. PR and outreach will also be a fundamental skill to possess as you need to be able to display content to influencers.

Most large scale and medium businesses are always looking for somebody who can optimize their sites for better search result visibility. If you can show that you’re willing to spend a dedicated amount of time to a project by completing in depth website audits, indexing issues and internal link analysis you will be bound to impress.

Although it seems like a fun, modern day career to pursue, it’s certainly a time consuming one. There will never be an end to your task list, which is what often appeals to people. It’s an incredibly satisfying career that will bring you joy when you start to see the results. Similarly, it can be quite a flexible job in that you can choose the clients you work with and work the hours that suit you to a certain extent.