Is SEO Dead?

SEO really isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. There are people in the industry who reassure us that SEO is well and truly alive, whereas other naysayers insist that Google now can’t be beaten so our work is done. This simply isn’t true as there is evidence to prove that changing SEO strategies can make a difference to a business’ online presence.

SEO is certainly a valuable strategy that can determine success or failure for your business website, but only if you are using the right tactics. The SEO critics out there are probably those who haven’t found the right techniques for their business. People who become impatient or lazy with their SEO implementation won’t see the generous rewards it has to offer. SEO is very much alive and the proof is in today’s thriving businesses.

When you start to notice hundreds or thousands more visitors on your website this isn’t down to luck or chance; it’s down to clever and concise search engine optimization. If you don’t quite believe that SEO works, then why not try it for yourself? Make a few small changes and be patient whilst you wait for your results. Whether you’re tweaking keywords, writing innovative blog content or decreasing your website’s loading times, you will see an increase in traffic over time. Make sure you are aware that this can take a few months or even a year to become apparent; it’s a long haul process that will be worth the wait in the end.