The 10 Best Niche Search Engines On The Internet (Right Now)

There are different search engines for different mediums and categories. We tend to think the larger search engines are the ideal choice for every type of search, but as we have discovered, this is usually not the case.

In alphabetical order, let’s explore what we have found to be the best search engines on the web in 2019 for their relative industry.

BitTorrents: Torrentz2

Torrenting may be a questionable subject, but if you choose to engage in it, Torrentz2 is currently the most advanced torrent search engine on the web. With over 80 sources, indexing over 61 million torrents, if you can’t find a torrent here, you probably can’t find it anywhere.

Gifs: Giphy

Giphy is the undisputed champion when you need to search for a relatable gif and fast. It works great on both desktop and mobile, displaying live gifs from all over the web that can be saved and shared immediately.

Jobs: ZipRecruiter

ZipRecruiter displays jobs from its own network and external sources, while also allowing you to filter by company, title, employment type, salaries and date ranges. It has the greatest number of jobs per search and even with stiff competition, goes down as the best job search engine for 2019.

News: Newslookup

Newslookup crawls thousands of news media sites and provides time-based live run downs of headlines by region, topic or person and provides configurable filtered search results. While Google News gives it a decent run for its money, Newslookup comes out on top by its sheer volume of news sources and filtering options.

Real Estate: Realtor

From the higher number of listings available in all areas of the country, to the list of criteria you can utilize to narrow down your search, Realtor comes out on top on every front to reign as the greatest real estate search engine. While Zillow and Redfin put up a fight, Realtor wins by a decent margin every time.

Recipes: Yummly

Yummly takes the cake (pun intended) as best recipe search engine due to a number factors. With over 1 million recipes indexed, it can find almost every dish known to man, while featuring a complex filtering system and a beautifully organized SERP (search engine results page) which makes for an ideal user experience. As of now, Yummly is without rival.

Shopping: Google Shopping

There are a lot of shopping search engines out there, but none work quite as well as Google Shopping. With a greater number of products, stores and a richer faceted navigation present for every query, there’s no reason to look anywhere else.

Travel: Kayak

There are many travel search engines out there, but with more results per search than any other, price graphs, quality tiers and pricing advice, along with the myriad of filters available to find the perfect package, Kayak has done a lot to ensure it is and remains the best travel search engine in the world.

Videos: Google Video

While it was a close call compared to Bing Video, Google Video seems to have greater crawl reach on the web for video content. With the ability to filter via source, resolution, date, length and close captioning, it is an ideal resource for finding the most relevant video to match your intended query. The range of sources also highlights Google Video’s proficiency, displaying results from YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and a variety of smaller websites and news sites as well.

Webpages: Google

No surprise here. When it comes to finding webpages relative to anything on the web, Google wins every time. With a complex algorithm and speedy crawl rates, along with enhanced SERP features and personalization, there is little wonder why it has such a large stronghold on the market.

And there you have it! We hope this post has been helpful. What are your thoughts? Get in touch and let us know!

Sebastian Hovv is a SEO consultant, blogger, speaker and author of the book, The Little White Book of SEO. With over 14 years of experience in SEO, he has become an expert in the field and a contributor to the world of digital marketing.