SEOprofiler: An Unbiased Review

SEOprofiler launched in the late nineties in Germany as a website promotion tool. In recent years, it has become a full suite of SEO tools under the one software solution, which has helped over 158,000 companies achieve their SEO goals. They also have an active blog on which they publish SEO news regularly.

We have mentioned SEOprofiler numerous times in previous blog posts as an all-round solution for anyone who is looking to invest in sophisticated SEO software. However, we have always coveted the opportunity to dive deeper into the product in order to discover where it shines like a diamond – and where it may fall short.

Today, we aim to observe all there is to know about SEOprofiler in this honest and impartial review of the tool.

Let’s go!

Pricing (A-)

The first thing we noticed about SEOprofiler was its price.

While plans begin at $69.95/month and go up from there, they do offer an annual plan, which cuts the bill down to only $46/month (a saving of ~34%).

Compared to current alternative solutions, SEOprofiler sits in the middle of the spectrum, with some tools starting around $99/month, while others on the low end at $16/month. With that said, considering the amount of features SEOprofiler has, it would not be surprising if they raised their rates since they seem to provide similar levels of value.

At the moment they seem to offer a free 7-day trial, which is a great excuse to test the software out for yourself and examine whether it is a right fit for your business.

Dashboard (B+)

The SEOprofiler dashboard displays your project website, populated with 4 main categories of statistics: Audit, Backlinks, Rankings and Uptime. This is a fairly common and sensible way to gain a quick snapshot of how a website is doing, along with indications as to where there is room for improvement.

There is a sense that more could have been done with the dashboard; the ability to make a custom dashboard would have been appreciated, along with the freedom to compare the data over time. The screenshots and descriptions also seem unnecessary.

With all things considered, the SEOprofiler dashboard is still an adequate and suitable configuration.

Rankings (A-)

There is no shortage of data when it comes to the first category i.e. Rankings. The overview tab displays the most crucial information first: ranking distribution, any recent changes and the overall visibility score.

It is important to note that this data is completely influenced by the “Monitored Keywords” in which you input the keywords you want to be ranking for (and thus tracking). There may very well be a myriad of other keywords to which you are ranking for, although SEOprofiler will not display data for those since you have yet to identify them. It would have been a major plus if the tool had the option to find & track the keywords you already rank for, too.

The overview tab for Rankings is extremely helpful and allows you to understand where your site ranks without having to dive deeper into the data. It’s simplicity and effective visualizations makes it easy to understand and therefore an effective tool to check rankings without having to invest in standalone rank tracking software.

Audit (A+)

SEOprofiler does a weekly scan of your entire website, and lists any issues into 3 distinct categories: Errors, Warnings and Notices.

  • Errors are those which need immediate attention, as it may have a direct influence on visibility.
  • Warnings are issues that need attention, since they too are important for optimization purposes.
  • Notices are issues which are not critical, yet it is still important to be aware of them.

The audit overview does a great job of communicating what issues are present on your site and how you can actively address them. It will also display the frequency and which pages they are identified on, which allows you to easily locate and resolve any problem(s) immediately.

SEOprofiler is also unique in the way it analyzes your security, performance, indexability. It rivals any audit software currently available and would be worth the investment if only for its audit functionality.

Backlinks (A+)

SEOprofiler remains impressive with its backlink data capabilities. The link dashboard prominently displays how many inbound links a site has, along with referring domains, dofollow status and Link Influence Score (their own version of Domain Authority) – all of which are extremely important for those interested in their incoming link data.

Furthermore, SEOprofiler has almost every possible filter available. You can sort links by:

  • Source URL
  • Destination URL
  • Follow/Nofollow
  • Link Influence Score
  • Page Title
  • Industry
  • Anchor Text
  • Top Level Domain
  • Date Added

and more. Along with a link disinfection and export backlink feature, there is no doubt SEOprofiler is one of the most advanced link analysis tools on the market right now.

Keywords (B-)

Keyword research is integral to SEO. SEOprofiler makes it easy with their keyword tool, which can generate hundreds of keywords, coupled with the ability to filter the results using criteria such as:

  • Country
  • Language
  • Prefix/suffix
  • Competition
  • Opportunity
  • Search volume
  • CPC

While powerful & satisfactory, the keyword arm of SEOprofiler could be exceptionally better. Comparable tools seem to generate a greater number of keywords per search, along with deeper insights such as question keywords and additional data i.e. alternative search engines. If they manage to upgrade their tool to support such measures, it would be a near-perfect solution for most SEO professionals.

Uptime (A+)

An uptime feature is not something you would regularly find in SEO software, although it makes complete sense that it can and should be.

SEOprofiler does a fantastic job of monitoring a websites uptime. The tool is simple and effective, displaying any outages over the last day, week and month – available in a visually compelling graphic which anyone could discern in less than a second.

There is also the added feature of monitoring individual pages, which is a great option for those who want to monitor a certain page more closely than others. It truly allows SEOprofiler to stand out from the pack.

Analytics (A-)

SEOprofiler voluntarily connects to your own Google Analytics account in order to display your analytics data directly from their side. While this may seem unnecessary, there are a few benefits to having your analytics displayed in this manner.

The way in which SEOprofiler arranges visitor data is both simple and helpful. The visual displays make it easier to comprehend certain information such as traffic sources and unique sessions. It is also effective as it makes the overall analysis of websites and projects more convenient and organized. The time and energy this alone can save makes it a worthwhile pursuit.

The only downfall of the analytics tab would be the inability to customize the dashboard. Apart from that, it makes the perfect addition to an already fantastic solution.

Final Thoughts

SEOprofiler is as remarkable and extraordinary as we suspected it would be.

It excelled in areas like audits, backlinks and uptime monitoring, while falling slightly short in other areas such as keywords and analytics.

With fair pricing, wonderful design and a robust functionality, SEOprofiler is an amazing SEO solution for businesses of all sizes. We highly recommend it!

What do you think of SEOprofiler? Let us know!

Sebastian Hovv is a SEO consultant, blogger, speaker and author of the book, The Little White Book of SEO. With over 14 years of experience in SEO, he has become an expert in the field and a contributor to the world of digital marketing.